Commercial Video Surveillance in Metro Atlanta

Business owners of big and small companies alike, face the same security challenges each day — including theft. While external shrinkage is a fact for most retailers, internal shrinkage from employee theft can account for nearly half of all losses. Businesses in Metro Atlanta are subject to trespassers, vandals, and lawsuits from guests, customers, and employees. Help ensure that your business is protected and security is optimal with the assistance of commercial video surveillance equipment and monitoring technology from Safe and Sound Technology. 

Deter and Monitor

The presence of a video camera alone is often enough to deter thieves and vandals, both internal and external. Of course, even if a theft does occur, it’s helpful to have the footage to know exactly who committed the crime and who to ban from returning to your business in the future. Having on-site monitoring also helps prevent frivolous claims and lawsuits that could otherwise cost your company tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees and settlements. 

Surveillance Design and Installation

Your business’ needs differ from the business next to you. That’s why the Safe and Sound experts create custom surveillance and security systems designed to match your floor plan, budget, and concerns. Partner with the professionals at Safe and Sound Technology to enjoy more than a decade of experience put to work for you. Our highly trained and certified experts are just a phone call away. We look forward to working with you and protecting your company.